Istituto di Vigilanza
La Lince

The institution started business in the early ‘50s in the province of La Spezia and was acquired by the present owner in 1958.

It has always focused on innovation to provide customers with a more efficient service: it began to use vehicles during the ‘60s for night patrols, radios were introduced for communication between patrol units throughout the area and an Operating Centre was set up.

Thanks to the know-how gained, subsequent years focused on optimising the organisation of the service and using the latest technologies to improve the quality of the service. A new, more functional headquarters was acquired and the internal organisation of the institution was divided into departments headed by managers in order to support the executive staff.

Carefully selected security guards attend training and refresher courses, first aid, fire-fighting and self-defence courses, as well as frequent target practice sessions.


Our mission is to provide a safe and effective guaranteed, to an increasing extent because of continued investment in the most sophisticated and modern discoveries that grow relentlessly in the field of security.

A valid demonstration of the efficiency of the service comes from continuous increase in the number of clients, both private sector companies in the industry.

The large number of successes in defense of clients’ assets and the widespread presence on the territory of our company are a brand known and appreciated.

Continuous commitment to improving the quality of services provided to customers led to the company’s quality system attaining UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards and, a first in Italy,...

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