The alarm-triggered emergency response service (a customer alarm connected to the Operating Centre, which immediately notifies the patrol in the area in case of need) is also available to private homes. The benefits of an alarm system connected to the institution compared to a stand-alone alarm are manifold.

When an unconnected alarm is activated, it is usually “a voice in the wilderness”: no one responds and before someone eventually does, at the risk of having an undesirable encounter, the house has been burgled. In most cases, intruders also know how to silence a siren in a blink of an eye: in such cases, upon your return you will find the house empty. If it is a false alarm and the siren is not immediately silenced, it disturbs the peace and may be the subject of a complaint. All this is even more complicated if instead of being away from home for a few hours, you are miles away, perhaps even on vacation.
On the other hand, in the event of an alarm, a system connected to the institution means an immediate response by security guards: even if intruders were to silence the siren, the signal will already have been sent and recorded by the Operating Centre. In the event of a false alarm, once the appropriate inspections have been performed, the institution will set your mind at ease, wherever you may be.
We also offer a key holding service, which allows us to go into gardens or other areas to perform thorough inspections outside the house. This means that our customers can avoid the inconvenience of leaving keys to relatives or strangers who might otherwise perhaps be disturbed in the middle of the night for a false alarm or run the risk of undesirable encounters.
Particularly advantageous proposals are available to the private sector, such as the Casa Serena (Serene Home) project, in cooperation with the Cassa di Risparmio della Spezia.
Our responses are technologically certified in these cases, as well.


Another service dedicated to the peace of mind of our customers and their homes is the installation of an SOS emergency remote control.
In cases of necessity, the customer can use the remote control to send a request for assistance quickly and silently to our Operating Centre, which will immediately send our patrols to perform an inspection.
The institution also uses sophisticated technology in these cases to provide the customer with security and peace of mind.

Reasons to connect the system
Connecting an alarm system to the Operating Centre of La Lince provides our customers with:
• The guarantee of a 24/7 listening service
• The guarantee of emergency response by trained personnel in the event of an alarm
• The guarantee of emergency response activated via the SOS emergency remote control
• The guarantee of an inspection to ascertain whether a power failure is caused by a simple failure or an attempt to sabotage the system
• A significant increase in the security of their loved ones