Emergency Response

This is a service for homes, shops, businesses and institutions, which guarantees complete security: it protects you when you are away, as well as when you are at the alarmed premises, both day and night. The alarm-triggered emergency response service immediately dispatches a security guard to the site where the alarm is activated. This is possible because customer alarms are connected to the institution’s Operating Centre, available 24/7, and the widespread and organised deployment of patrols in the area.

1. How it works
When an alarm is activated, the Operating Centre sends notification in real time (even if intruders have silenced the siren) to the unit patrolling the area in question, which responds immediately.
The emergency response service avoids the serious risks of intervening personally following the alarm, but the most important aspect is that protection really is complete: those benefitting are protected even when they are at home.
This is fundamental at night, obviously, when the greatest danger is being woken up by burglars.

2. Coverage of the area
In order to ensure immediate response, we have divided the area in which we operate into squares and one of our radio patrols operates in each of them. The radio patrols move around their assigned areas continuously, work exclusively for our emergency response service customers and are ready to respond every time our Operating Centre receives an alarm signal.
Covering the area using eleven patrols is a decision that allows us widespread control over our city and allows us to respond as soon as possible every time an alarm is activated.
This type of organisation also means that our security guards have thorough knowledge of the various areas, which is important in the effective, quick and safe management of response.

3. Guaranteed service
The institution was the first to gain technological certification in Italy. Despite our Quality Manual stating a time of 8 minutes, our average response time throughout the entire day is just over 6 minutes, guaranteed by our technological certification.

4. The meaning of technological certification
La Lince security institution certifies its response times in order to guarantee the high quality and reliability of the service provided to our customers.

5. How Technological certification works
At the exact moment in which an alarm is activated, the Operating Centre’s operator sends a notification to the patrol in the area in question and the latter uses an electronic device to confirm the assignment and its own starting location. As soon as the security guard reaches the location where the alarm was activated, an electronic notification is sent to the Operating Centre to communicate arrival and the exact location. Once all the checks have been performed, they are communicated to the Operating Centre, which then assesses whether to contact the customer immediately or send a notification afterwards (depending on what was found during the inspection). This process takes place thanks to a satellite tracking device installed on all vehicles used in the alarm-triggered emergency response. In the meantime, the computer records the exact time of each operation