Security while respecting privacy

The video surveillance service allows Operating Centre to continuously monitor any environment installed with a specific system connected to the Centre itself, ensuring the immediate dispatch of security guards on site upon detection of irregularities. The video surveillance system is connected to the Operating Centre through sophisticated software that allow images to be viewed remotely. The Operating Centre operator is therefore able to monitor and control any environment at any time, periodically (video patrols) or following an alarm signal from the anti-theft system connected. In event of an alarm, the Operating Centre operator, who has radio contact with the patrol on site, can guide the inspection and provide any necessary information. Thanks to the technology used, a specified number of video patrols can be performed throughout the day at the times agreed with the customer, thereby ensuring continuous supervision, both day and night. By law, specific and concise information is posted at sites under video surveillance or in the immediate vicinity. The digitally recorded images that transmit data to the Operating Centre (via ISDN, GSM or combined ADSL) are used by the institution in full compliance with legislation on privacy regarding the protection of personal data .
Moreover, since 2011 the institution also provides a service of intelligent video analysis, one of the most innovative applications in the industry, which turns CCTV cameras into active tools. The cameras in the analysis enable the identification and prevention of events, distinguishing between information that is relevant and irrelevant. Using a set of rules adapted specifically to the scene and the objects under observation, the video analysis intelligently identifies potentially suspicious behaviour. These rules, which can be used together and defined directly by the user, cover every aspect, from the adaptation to major environmental factors, to the differentiation of vehicles and people, as well as the identification of movement in a wrong direction. This information is then sent by the cameras and managed by the Operating Centre in real time.
Applications of the intelligent video analysis service include:
• Perimeter protection
• Monitoring of an area of interest
• Monitoring of abandoned objects
• Forensic applications